Termite Inspection

Termites can cause severe damage to any property that they inhabit. Whether you need a termite inspection for a home you currently own or an inspection at a home that you are looking at buying, it is important to have one done as soon as possible. Many times termites are not even detected until it is too late and there is already structural damage. To avoid this, hire a professional home inspection company you can trust. Hire the experience of Sherlock Home Inspection.

Sherlock Home Inspection has served the New York City boroughs, Long Island and downstate New York counties for more than 20 years. Home inspector Marc Marino provides comprehensive home inspection services, including termite inspections, to ensure that a house is good shape. It’s important to be well informed before putting a home on the market or making a purchase. Problems with a property discovered during the sales process can cost an existing owner thousands – or even ruin a sale – while undetected issues with a property can leave a new owner with an expensive and unexpected repair bill – or worse!

Sherlock Home Inspection will examine the property thoroughly and offer a detailed report upon completion of the examination of the property. For all your home and termite inspection needs, turn to the experience of Sherlock Home Inspection.

For a free quote or to receive more information about termite inspections, give us a call today at 516-983-8893 or contact Sherlock Home Inspection online now.