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Asbestos exposure is a serious risk, leading to long-term health issues. Many older buildings contain asbestos, which wasn’t widely recognized as a hazard when these materials were commonly used. Ensure your property is safe with a professional asbestos inspection from Sherlock Home Inspection.

Based in New York, we specialize in detecting and managing asbestos-related risks. Whether you are buying, selling, renovating, or demolishing a property, our experienced inspectors are here to identify and advise on any asbestos contamination. We inspect various materials such as insulation and tiling to ensure your home is free from asbestos threats.

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Trust Sherlock Home Inspection, with over 20 years of expertise, for thorough asbestos inspections and reliable advice. For a free estimate or more details, call us at 516-983-8893 or visit our website to contact us online.