Asbestos Evaluations

Asbestos can be extremely dangerous and can cause long-term health issues. Many homes and buildings were built with this harmful material years ago before the concerns with asbestos were as well known, and it’s important to make sure that your home isn’t harboring any hidden problems with this hazardous material. A visual asbestos inspection by a professional is vital to protect you and your family.

As a New York  inspection company, Sherlock Home Inspection is your source for asbestos related problems. Whether you are selling your home, looking at buying a new home, renovating or demolishing, an asbestos inspector can help identify any hidden problems or sources of asbestos contamination. We will visually inspect your home for asbestos, including insulation, tiling and other construction materials, and provide guidance in dealing with any issues.

If you need an visual asbestos inspection at your property, turn to an inspection company with more than 20 years of experience, armed with the knowledge and experience needed to make sure your family is safe. For a free estimate or for more information on an inspection, contact Sherlock Home Inspection today at 516-983-8893 or contact us online now.