Certified Mold Inspections

Due to high moisture levels and other circumstances, mold can enter and spread in a home or building. Because mold can lead to serious health complications, it is important to ensure that your home or a home you are looking to purchase does not have any mold issues. The best way to protect your family is to hire an experienced mold inspection company. Among our many other specialties, Sherlock Home Inspection also provides certified mold inspections. As a licensed mold assessor/inspector that does not do remediations or refer companies that do, I will give you an honest evaluation and or inspection of your possible mold problem.

Whether you’re purchasing a property or already own one, a mold inspection can save you money. Mold problems can be difficult to detect, but can cause a range of problems like air quality issues, property damage, and many serious health risks.

For visual mold inspections, at a minimal cost choose Sherlock Home Inspections. Our full property inspection will identify hidden mold problems, identify likely causes, and recommend the best treatment for your particular case. If you need indoor air sampling and testing we will provide you with that service a reasonable rate. You don’t always need an expensive inspection or remediation. Call us! first.

Contact us for a mold evaluation or inspection estimate